Siege: Toybox Defenders

Credited for: Programming, Technical Artist

"Siege: Toybox Defenders" is a RTS style Tower Defense Game. Player's must build and augment towers to defend 3 control points from oncoming waves of enemies. You must defend against Teddy Bears, Catapults and Plush toys and bring your defense to victory. The game takes some of the best elements from both Tower Defense and Real-Time Strategy games and creates a fun sized tactical experience!

The game uses an AI system, which dynamically changes up its assault in response to your defense, and tower has unique effects, as they blast the enemies with special powers.

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Main Contributions: Programming Game Logic, Enemy AI, UI Functionality and Visual Effects such as Shaders and Particle Effects.

Made as Graduation Game for "Griffith University's" Bachelor of Game Design

Winner of 2016 Griffith Film School "Most Outstanding Technical Achievement" Award